For this interview series we’re curious to find out how young creatives find inspiration through different of art disciplines. We’d like to explore artistic inspiration and its multidisciplinary points of origin: What novel influenced you as a photographer? Which painting ignited the creative spark to start your new fashion collection? Did a movie impact your storytelling as a writer? We’re interviewing upcoming artists from different disciplines to see which artworks and artists played a major role in their development as a creative. Up this week: Sanne Hendriks.


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 I work in Vintage, and obviously this sparks my 60’s/70’s obsession just a little more. I’m surrounded by the brightest colours and craziest prints all day! Even my roommate, boyfriend and whole friend group are covered in flared pants, sixties dresses and floral blouses. The clothing my characters are wearing –If they are wearing any…– are inspired by pieces that I own, have seen, or am destined to find.

‘painting for me is a way of processing and charging up’


Photography does not affect my work that much, but I appreciate work by artists like Ed van der Elsken. I love the way he portrayed his own life for everyone to see — How he saw the streets of Amsterdam, the things that gave him joy or annoyed him. I’m very thankful that he took the time to film and photograph these things and  the streets of the city I’m so fond of. In a more abstract way that’s what I’m trying to do as well, make work that speaks for who I am as a person, how I see my world and surroundings.


 Even though I love to read, I don’t see literature as an inspiration to my work. Words do inspire me, but mostly when they’re combined with music or said by people who I care for. For some reason I have a big thing for reading books about either addiction or mental problems maybe cause it stands so far away from me that it intrigues me. But still this has nothing to do with my illustrations.


This is what sparks my creativity! Most of my illustrations start with either a phrase of a song which has been stuck in my head. I end up creating the image with those words, or a feeling I get from the sound of it. I’ve been obsessed by the 60’s 70’s since forever! Especially the music of that era intrigues me. The warm and experimental sounds make me want to paint bright pictures of people full of loving, mostly covered in flowers and sunsets. ‘She comes in colours everywhere, she combes her hair, she’s like a rainbow’.. I can’t even choose which artists to name in particular, but let’s start with Bowie, The Stones, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Nick Drake, The Band, Fleetwood Mac and oh well I can continue but you probably know what I mean by now. They may all seem a bit obvious or shallow, but painting for me is a way of processing and charging up. Listening to deep, dark songs just doesn’t do the trick for me. In fact, they exhaust me even more. There is one exception to this rule though; Keaton Henson. He’s a Musician, Poet and Illustrator from the uk, making the saddest songs you’ll ever hear. I discovered him when I was just 16, and ever since he’s been my favourite ‘Sad Music Moment’ artist. Sometimes when I want to feel a bit down, I listen to Keaton to just feel a little sorrow. Not for to long, but just a little while. You’ll get what I mean when you listen to him.


Most of my inspiration comes from a mix of Jugendstil, renaissance works, old vintage advertisements, pin up girls and mainly of course; Traditional Tattooing. Ever since I was little I asked my parents if I could get a tattoo and after years and years of whining, still talking about the same ‘Old school sailor’ tattoos, my dad cracked and got me my first tattoo at the age of 16. I haven’t regretted any of them –yet, haha– and since that moment I knew that this was what I wanted to do.  Any tattoo work from old Sailor Jerry tattoo flashes to my all time favourite female tattoo artist Alexis Hepburn will make me light up. Alexis is probably my biggest role model in the tattoo industry;

always finding just the right line between detailed but simple enough to work as a tattoo that will hold and not fade into a big black stain by the years.

I often scroll through tattoo artists’ their instagram pages for hours to check all the amazing designs. I see each of my work as little designs themselves, hopefully waiting to be inkt into someone’s skin for eternity one day — there is nothing prettier to me than that idea. All the work I’m making now is just collecting images until I think my portfolio is good enough to start hopping by Tattoo studio’s, hoping for someone to take me as their apprentice.

‘When I’m almost worn out, exhausted at times; it will flow right back to me; an idea or image to paint. After all, it’s my way of charging up again.’

Do you also find inspiration through other sources?

Besides all disciplines I’ve got to admit that the most inspiration surely comes from situations I’ve been in, travelling, and the people I’ve met. Sometimes I feel like I’m too busy to really dig deep into all the beautiful work that is made by all the artists in this world, even though I know I should. I already get too much inspiration from all these crazy people living around me — by feeling loved or lonesome sometimes.

Do you ever have trouble finding inspiration? If so, what is your solution to that?

When I’m having trouble finding inspiration I start writing down phrases of the songs I’m listening to, or I describe situations I want to be in or actually have been in. I scroll through instagram or pinterest for just that little hint on a subject that I could paint. But if it won’t come after those steps, it’s very simple; it’s just not the moment and it’s time to meet up with friends, get in crazy situations, make love (several times), buy a new outfit, drink too much coffee (or beer), eat too much french fries and buy a new outfit again. Then when I’m almost worn out, exhausted at times; it will flow right back to me; an idea or image to paint. After all, it’s my way of charging up again.

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